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Atlas K Loader

The air portable tactical main deck loader with a significant operational pedigree.

Our Atlas K Loader is capable of loading all types of aircraft up main deck B747 at any airhead worldwide. The key benefits are: 

  • Proven in use with Air Forces and humanitarian agencies around the globe for over 20 years

  • Superior load capacity of up to 20,000 kgs (44,000 lbs)

  • The lightest K Loader of its type available with an unladen weight of approx. 11,350kg – significantly increasing aircraft range

  • Operational at any airhead within 15 minutes of aircraft offload

  • Full four pallet capability handling all types of pallets, ULDs, air drop platforms, loose cargo, vehicles and ISO containers 
  • Optional all-wheel steering capability ensuring un-matched manoeuvrability
  • Platform tilt, roll and side shift for accurate alignment
  • Optional powered Dolly Interface System for use with Atlas 

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